In this project, it composed of 5 tool talks that is related to the Bloom’s Taxonomy Pyramid (Six Levels of Learning). In each tool talk, it demonstrates why the tool I picked is useful for my future career (elementary education).

Tool talk #1 (Remembering and Understanding) : Youtube is an American worldwide video-sharing website that has over a billion user today.


Tool talk #2 (Applying)

Kahoot: Kahoot is a collection of questions on specific topics created by educators, business people and social users with a main purpose to produce a game like environment.


Tool talk #3 (Analyzing)

Excel is a software program from Microsoft that is a part of Microsoft Office.


Tool talk #4 (Evaluating)

Brainpop: Brainpop creates animated resources that support educators andĀ engage students in school, at home and on mobile devices.


Tool talk #5 (Creating)

Google slides is an online presentation tool, embedded its form similarly to Microsoft Powerpoint which is well- known to many of us.