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March 14, 2017Linh Tran

Ever since technology has been evolving, as for this reason, it is essential for teachers to incorporate technology into their teaching. In this technology topic, Kelly Gary, a first-grade teacher and an Employee Mentoring Program (NEMP) Director at Sewickley Academy also mentions about incorporating technology as in her teaching as well.

According to Gary “Incorporating technology in all aspects of the curriculum has allowed me to meet the various learning styles of my students,” which explains why technology could serve as a tool in improving students’ higher thinking skills. Based on her experience, her students show interest and excitement in learning when she uses the interactive 100 chart, the SMART Board, and the Number SPLAT computer game in her teaching. Therefore, by considering technology in education, this would keep not just elementary students, but all student to be engaged in their learning.

The Future of Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: The Survey Says

April 19, 2017Linh Tran

Over the course of the year, the institution of higher education has shown that there is an expansion in online education. In this article, Curtis J. Bonk,(Ph.D.) Departments of Educational Psychology and Instructional Systems Technology of Indiana University and Kyong-Jee Kim(Ph.D.) as the assistant established a study that would be base on a survey of instructors and administrators in postsecondary institutions, mainly in the United States, to explore future trends in online education.

The study composed of a method, participants, instrument, data, and analysis to help the accuracy of the survey. As a result, the study confirmed “commonly held beliefs about online education, refuted others, and provided a range of predictions of technology-enabled education.” According to this study, it is clear that online teaching and online learning is approaching has become a part of the next generation education.

Using video in the classroom to help teachers and students (Some states are adopting more high-tech observation after studies pointed to more effective instruction)

April 19, 2017 | Linh Tran

 In this technologic topic, the article talked about incorporating online videos in teaching that would profit both, teachers and students in the classroom. On May 2015, Harvard University published a study called “Best Foot Forward (BFF),” along with research partners that included BloomBoard, Panorama Education, Pearson Education, Teachstone, thereNow, and TNTP. For example, online videos that are from Youtube and Khan Academy.

After the study, they found that by observing videos, it creates interesting conversation within the classroom and a more accurate feedback for teachers as well. Since videos are readily available, students will be able to gain access to the materials anywhere, which is very convenience. According to the study survey, “91% of teachers polled felt that just filming their instruction would help them grow professionally.” Therefore, these high-tech observations could change the effectiveness of teaching in education.




Versal launches a marketplace to help teachers share ways to build better lessons

April 19, 2017 
In this technology topic, it includes a tool called Versal, which is an online website that allows teachers to create full courses live online. The primary purpose of this site is to make online learning simple for all educators, and easy access for everyone. Also, this online learning course can be used in any class or school website, for example, Blackboard, Canvas, WorldPress, Squarespace, and Schoology.

On Versal’s website, it includes different pricing for the department with 250 active users, schools with 1000 active users, district with 5000 active users and college/university (more than 10000 active users). By using this tool, students and teachers have the freedom to create courses that can demonstrate their learning. Therefore, this tool would be an ideal for any educators who are seeking for access to education online.


April 19, 2017

In this technology topic, it talks about a tool called Formative. Formative gives teacher opportunities to score the students’ assessments with an access of all the students work. Also, teachers will able to give students their feedback online. The assessments can be created by uploading the existing file or from scratch. By entering the class code, students will be able to access the assessments automatically.

This tool just requires an access the internet and electronics, which is very convenience. Not only that, students can demonstrate their understanding of the materials by showing their current solutions. Besides, this will also give teachers a good knowledge of how good students understand the materials. By considering using Formative in the classroom, this could significantly profit the students learning as well as their understanding of the materials.

Why every teacher needs to be excited about periscope

April 19, 2017

In this technology topic, it introduces us to an app called periscope, which was popularized being a part Twitter. The app gives us the opportunity to access to live streaming with just our smartphones. Not only that, it allows not only teachers and students but everyone to create live videos broadcasting that allows being access internationally. Also, this app gives education a chance to explore globally, and share events that happen within our community.
An example for using periscope in the classroom is “Live stream important school events assemblies, plays, speeches to parents who are unable to attend or other family members who live far away,” which is a splendid idea for those who couldn’t attend the event. As a bonus, this app is free at cost. The live broadcasting video also receives feedback from the viewer’s comment. In conclusion, periscope could greatly profit education practices that happen internationally online.


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